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In our observation with various learners at TactLabs and Featurepreneur, finding the right learner plays a vital role when it comes to learning, especially a new topic like Python, Analytics, Microservices.

In our observation, we found that 90% of Solo learners give up on their learning within 2 weeks of time on whatever they learned.

However, having the right learning partner improved their learning opportunities and their chances of finishing the learning goal.

So, instead of learning alone, pick the right partner(s) and start learning together.

Together you can win the race, the learning race!



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If you haven’t installed pip, you can install it

sudo apt-get install python3-pip

Install Virtualenv using pip3

sudo pip3 install virtualenv

You can create a virtual environment

virtualenv venv

You can use the specific version

virtualenv --python python3 venv

You can use specific interpreter

virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python2.7 venv

Activate your virtual environment

source venv/bin/activate

How to activate?


If you face any issues in Ubuntu, you may need to install

sudo apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev libffi-dev python-dev




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Everyone knows that Medium charges 5$/month to read their articles.

It it really annoying when poor students from India when they try to learn things online especially on Medium.

That’s why we came up with an idea to rewrite the article in our archive. We focus only on these areas:

Machine Learning
Deep Learning

This is just to make sure that students can learn technical things for free without worrying about Medium and their charges.

All articles will be posted here:

If you think your article is rewritten at Featurepreneur and if you want them to be removed, please talk to us at We will remove your article as per your request.