AWS vs Azure — A simple math check

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You might be hearing Azure is taking over AWS on cloud computing.

Yes, Azure is closing the deal left and right with the customers by slashing the pricing.

Azure can do only one thing — slashing the pricing!

Because they suck at their UI and deployment integration. Every developer has to go through big pain integrating Azure into their applications.

Let me explain with simple math:

AWS is charging you 200$/month. So, Azure is making a deal with you by keeping 10$/month for the same service that AWS is giving it to you.

You are so happy that you got a 10$ deal. But integrating Azure into your architecture will slow down your process by 4 months or more and you end up paying your Architect 800$ more.

So, your total cost:

AWS + Architect price = 200$ + 300$ = 500$

Azure + Architect price = 10$ + 800$ = 810$

Though Azure’s 10$ seems a great deal, your final payment will be costlier than AWS.

Because this is what we experienced when we helped our clients by switching from AWS to Azure.

Advice to the management team:

Don’t see a simple calculation on AWS pricing vs Azure pricing. Just check the overall integration as well. Because you might be missing the iceberg and its complexities.

Azure looks like sugar to you. We know sugar is no good for anything!

McDonald's coffee is not the best replacement for Starbucks!

ps: We are not an advocate for AWS, just a part of the architectural team that knows the pros and cons of AWS / Azure.




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