Time to move out of Java!

Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash

Java was great!

Number one programming language who has(d) a powerful tech community support.

However, in the recent 8 years history, Java lost most of its audience as they are not adaptive enough to change their speed like Python.

Still, Java is the number one solution for the enterprise model — no doubt on it. However, not every company is big!

All small and medium companies spending too much time on training their developers in Java dreaming their company would scale better. In reality, not all companies need a Netflix like scaling.

To train Java developers, we need much training time and steep learning is required. However, most of the projects don’t need that scalable application. To train a new developer in the Spring framework, a company needs 8 months to 14 months and it is not possible to gain much value as they don’t need that much scaling.

Comparing the Spring framework, the Python-based flask framework can get the work done in days to weeks. For a quick POC app, you can get it done in hours!

Are you worried about spending too much engineering time on Java and looking forward to migrating your applications to Flask/Django? We can help you to get it done in weeks as we have both Java and Python engineers.

We can understand your architecture and migrate them into Flask/Django without introducing new bugs.

Talk to us! We can help you to reduce your engineering budget and time by 20–30%